Super Gatas
Welcome to "Super Gatas", a site dedicated to the Superheroines in Distress fantasy.
Although the site is mostly in Spanish, that should not keep you from enjoying the occasional drawing, and the photo comics you will find here.

A new Heroine in a new adventure. The story is in Spanish as usual, but there are some pictures also.

New stories, but only in Spanish. Let me know if you would like to have them translated.
And while we wait, here are some pictures "Leona de Jade" first adventure's photoshot that did not make it into the story.

"Leona de Jade" is heading for a trap, and she knows it. Who has set it up? And what does he want from her? Find it out in her first photo-adventure.
All the pictures are in "sample" size, (800x600). If you want to get the full size version (1536x1152), you can get them in exchange for almost anything. Drawings, pictures or stories that I can publish here; gifts for the Heroines (masks, gloves, belts, boots, tights...); and even some money. If you are interested, just email .

WARNING: This site contains pornographic material. Anyone who is not legally entitled and authorized to see this kind of material MUST LEAVE THE SITE RIGHT NOW.

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